Is your team looking for an activity that is fun, personal, and creative? To create and play with glass takes you to that place where nothing else matters. The seductive colours draw you in, and the creative process demands your complete attention. Fusing the glass and slumping the fused glass into a plate form takes two firings. The plates are ready to be picked up the following week, or be mailed to you.

Annemarie Fux Glass Studio offers two different options:

Option 1
Cost:$ 70/person (includes material)
Time: Approx. 3 hours
Activity: This is a beginner class. The participants learn how to score and break glass, choose their colors, and design. Each team member creates an 8″x8″ plate with a common theme of your choice or an individual design. Think about your design before you come to the workshop and keep it simple.

Option 2
Cost:$ 200/platter (includes material)
Time: Approx. 1 hours
This is a great group activity: the overall end-result is a 12″x12″ platter. Each person creates their own square which is then fused into the platter.

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