Commissions And Custom Orders

"Once I discovered glass fusing, I realized that the possibilities were endless. We can create pieces with amazing, brilliant colours or elegant, subdued colours that will enhance your living space." Annemarie Fux

Whether you are looking for uniquely designed plates and bowls, something special for a memorial, a custom design on doors for your home or even a birdbath for your garden, Annemarie Fux Glass Studio can accommodate your requests.

Are you looking for something specific? Call Annemarie Fux to discuss your needs at 250-801-5134.


This colourful set was ordered for a fun-loving family. You can order tableware such as plates, serving dishes, dessert bowls, or sushi sets that are just for you! You decide on size, colour and style and Annemarie Fux will make it for you. Each piece is hand made and variations are to be expected. All fused glass tableware is food safe and meant to be used. However, glass is more sensitive to temperature fluctuations than ceramic so avoid microwave use.

It usually takes between three to five weeks to finish your order, depending on your requirements.

Contact Annemarie Fux to discuss your needs.


One of our customers chose this 16 inch custom dish for his daughter’s wedding.

Are you familiar with the Unity Sand Ceremony wherein a couple pours two different colours of sand into a vase to symbolize their coming together? You can create a similar symbol but instead of sand we use glass. A truly memorable moment for the new couple is when they choose the colours for their piece. Together the colours form a swirl representing the dance of life.

Now you think, how is that possible to do this with glass? Glass also comes in granulates as small as powders. To work with this fine glass it is almost like creating a sand painting. The difference is that the art work will be fused and becomes solid glass. Together at the Annemarie Marie Fux Glass Studio, we make a fused glass piece that is either a bowl, a platter, or something of your choice for that special event in your life.

It will take about one week from the time you come to Annemarie's studio until the glass is fired.

Contact Annemarie Fux to discuss your needs.


This sample is a 6″ bowl with crackle technique with light blue, blue aventurine accents on pale pink. You can choose your own colours.

The dance of life comes to end. When a loved one passes we find ways to honour their memory and to keep a part of them close to us. A memorial piece, typically a six inch bowl, includes a small amount of your loved one’s ashes mixed into powdered glass. The powdered glass “crackles” during fusing and the ashes can then be seen through the glass when the bowl is held up to the light. If you wish we can include a swirl representing the cycle of life, or any other religious symbol, or just two or three different colours with no specific design.

A six inch bowl including the ashes, sitting on a hand made satin pillow is $ 150.00

A variety of colours are available. It takes up to three weeks to complete the order, depending on your requirements.

Contact Annemarie Fux to discuss your needs.


For custom orders of panels and dishware, Annemarie Fux Glass Studio can work with any colour in designs, modern to postmodern, with abstract to realistic representation depending the style of your home.

Annemarie has samples in her studio. Please contact her to make an appointment to come view samples and to discuss your wants and needs.


Although sometimes items are broken beyond repair, we are often able to restore a piece to its original look. Please contact Annemarie Fux Glass Studio to make an appointment, at which time Annemarie will be able to advise you whether an item is reparable and the cost to do so.

The plate pictured here came in three pieces and Annemarie was able to fix it, much to the customer's delight!


Glass lends itself for back splashes in areas where backsplashes are typically needed.

Don't limit yourself to just tiles - as an art studio, we can go as creative as you like!

An architectural project does take time, depending on the design and size of the project, so please contact Annemarie to discuss your requirements and to get a general timeframe necessary for your project.