What a different and fun way to celebrate someone's special day!

Annmarie Fux Glass Studio is wonderful place to spend time together enjoying a fun group activity with your friends! We offer two great "mini worshop options that are suitable for children and adults alike. They are designed as a fun activity for your group and the finished product is ready after it has been fired.

Option 1
Cost- $20/person (includes material)
Approx. Time: 1 hour
Activity: each participant creates one coaster or window hanging.

Option 2
Cost: $40/person (includes material
Approx. Time: 2 hours
Activity: - create one 6″x6″ plate or two coasters

Please call 250-801-5134 or e-mail to book a specific time.

To find out more about what we can offer you or your group, please call 250-801-5134 or e-mail .