What a fun way to celebrate with the bride-to-be!

Annmarie Fux Glass Studio is wonderful place to spend time together enjoying a fun group activity with your friends! We offer two options:

Option 1
Cost- $70/person (includes material)
Approx. Time: 3.5 hours
Activity: each participant creates a 8″x8″ plate (choose a group theme or create your own design).

Option 2
Cost: $200/platter, material included
Approx. Time: 1 hour
Group participation - create a 12″x12″ platter. Participants create their own square which is then fused into the platter. Is your group looking for an activity that is fun, personal, and creative? Traditionally women get together and create a quilt for the newlyweds, a truly personal gift. No previous knowledge of glass fusing required. Annemarie's instructions are easy to follow and the results are stunning.

Please call 250-801-5134 or e-mail to book a specific time.

To find out more about what we can offer you or your group, please call 250-801-5134 or e-mail .