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"Fused by Fux"

After many successful years in Kelowna, Annemarie moved herself and her glass studio to Terrace, BC, to be closer to family. She opened her shop in Terrace in May 2019.

"I love glass because of all the colours that glow when translucent or shine when opalescent. Glass and light belong together, this intensifies the experience of colour and form. That glass is made of natural products is a bonus. We all know that glass is made with silica (sand, and) adding a variety of metals, minerals and oxides colors emerge." Annamarie Fux

Glass is fluid and malleable when hot, strong and static when cold and can be fused in a kiln. There are endless possibilities to create with fused glass. Fusing techniques are usually done with a closed kiln and then the glass can be cold worked to create a finished product.

Whether you are looking for fused glass art classes, glass art (item) for sale, or wanting to commission a custom glass art piece, check out FUX GLASS ART. Come visit the Annemarie Fux Glass Studio!


Annemarie Fux Glass Studio offers a wide variety of glass art workshops featuring classes for every age group and ability.

Attend a fused glass workshop at our new studio in Terrace, BC. Great for all ages!

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Annemarie Fux Glass Studio offers a superb selection of all kinds of glass art products through her studio located in Terrace, British Columbia.

View our gallery of superb works available from Annemarie Fux Glass Art!

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Order a unique custom made fused glass art item for your home or garden!

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